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Preston Attebery
Hey! What's up?

Preston here. Over three years ago I started Simple City...well, because I couldn't help it! I love Atlanta and love the beautiful buildings we have here.

In the meantime of starting Simple City, I've attended Georgia State University, dropped out, and started a new project called BlockCities.

I experiment at the intersection of design, technology, and architecture producing minimalist illustrations, digital collectibles, and crypto art.

You can email me, tweet me, or gram me.
Simple City
Simple City started in 2014 when I illustrated the original three buildings of of my hometown in Lilburn, Georgia. I was tasked with creating a new logo for use on t-shirts, mugs, and other consumer items. After the project, I didn't think much more about the project.

But, when I moved to Downtown Atlanta I became extremely inspired by the buildings surrounding me on a daily basis. While on holiday from college, I illustrated my first Atlanta building in this simple style.

When I went to post the design on Instagram, I quickly brainstormed what to call this new series. Laying on my childhood floor I thought, "#minimalcity"? maybe "#simpelcity"?

Simple City was it. Again, not a great deal happened after I posted this, but months later I found myself designing these buildings everyday and the reception was terrific. Then, I decided to press in--to focus my efforts on Simple City by throwing events, building an online store, and wholesaling with West Elm.

Today, Simple City is growing evermore. This project has always been about Atlanta, but soon it will mature and grow to other cities with the same goal: to delight and inform citizens about their city.
November 18, 2014 - Lilburn, Ga
Two years ago I wrote this...

6/6/15  I look at these buildings now and I see the history behind them. I feel so connected to my city simply because I know more about it - that's what I want for every Atlanta citizen. To see these buildings but see past the concrete, and into the lives that built them, the ones who paved the streets we walk on today. That's all simple city is about. It's you and the city getting better acquainted.

Even today, the Simple City project is intended to delight and inform the people of Atlanta about their city. Cities are known by their buildings and Atlanta's story is found in them. From the old Coca-Cola bottling factory on Edgewood to the Bank of America Plaza on North Ave, our buildings represent the complex history of Atlanta.

So, let's enjoy these buildings for their grandeur, beauty, and historical significance! Architects, city planners, designers, and developers, let us build even more beautiful buildings to advance the people of our city.

- Preston Attebery
Tuesday, September 26, 20017